Caption That!


1 - Create your Bitmoji

Go to and create your Bitmoji character. 

(If you have created a Bitmoji character please go straight to step 2)

2 - Install Bitmoji Extension

Go to the Chrome Web Store and install the Bitmoji browser extension

- Go to

- Select one of the four stories that you would like to caption.

5 - Upload your Bitmoji 

To upload your Bitmoji, click on the Bitmoji extension icon on the right of your browser address bar (see step 2). Right click on the Bitmoji you would like to use. Choose "Download image to disk" or "Save image as" and save to your desktop.

NOTE: You can't delete your Bitmoji once it has been uploaded if you change your mind refresh your browser and upload a new one. 

6 - Place your Bitmoji in your story

Click on " Upload your Bitmoji" in the Caption That game and choose the Bitmoji you saved to your desktop. You can move and resize the Bitmoji to suit. 

7 - Add your caption

Double click on the speech bubble where you want to add your caption, a text box will appear on your chosen speech bubble. Type in your hilarious caption. You can move and resize the text box to suit. You can add multiple captions.

 8 - Submit your story 

A pop-up box will be presented and you can chose if you want to download your newly created image, post it directly in Workplace, or play the game again.

  • If you want to share your image in Workplace, click on the "Share on Workplace" button.
  • Enter the Group’s name "GG19 Caption That!".
  • Enter a message to go with your post and don't forget to include a hashtag "#gg19captionthat".

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